3 Super Bowl QBs the Detroit Lions should consider signing

As the 2023 NFL offseason continues to unfold, the Detroit Lions still find themselves in the market for a backup quarterback. After a lackluster 2022 season where the team struggled with depth at the quarterback position, general manager Brad Holmes has vowed to avoid making the same mistake again. However, with many of the top backup quarterbacks already snatched up by other teams, the Lions are now left to wonder who they should turn to if starting QB Jared Goff gets injured. In an effort to address this critical need, the Lions should consider signing one of three Super Bowl-experienced quarterbacks: Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, or Cam Newton. Let’s take a closer look at each of these veteran signal-callers and why they could be a good fit for the Lions.

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3 Super Bowl QBs the Detroit Lions should consider signing

Here are 3 Super Bowl QBs the Lions should consider:

Matt Ryan

After enduring a tumultuous season as the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, Matt Ryan seems to have moved on from his days as a starter. As a veteran, he may be better suited for a backup role at this point in his career, and could certainly fill in capably if needed in the event of an injury to Goff.

Joe Flacco

At 38 years old and with 15 seasons in the league under his belt, Joe Flacco remains a sought-after veteran backup quarterback, having moved between teams since parting ways with the Baltimore Ravens. Flacco can continue in his role as a backup if he so desires, as there are still teams who value his experience. While he may not be expected to throw for 300 yards per game if he were to join the Lions, he could certainly provide a reliable stopgap solution if Goff were to suffer an injury.

Cam Newton

In case you have not yet heard, Cam Newton wants back into the NFL, and he will be throwing on Tuesday at Auburn’s Pro Day. Yes, Newton has been out of the league since the 2021 season, but there is a solid chance that he is still more reliable than many of the options left for the Lions. If Newton is willing to take a team-friendly contract, the Lions should consider him. That being said, I would take Ryan or Flacco over Newton if I had my choice.

Bottom line: Lions MUST address the backup QB position

The Detroit Lions are in dire need of a reliable backup quarterback, ad Brad Holmes has vowed that he will not make the same mistake he made in 2022, when he waited until the last minute to sign Goff’s backup. With many of the top backups already signed to other teams, the Lions must look for alternative options. Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Cam Newton are all Super Bowl-experienced quarterbacks who could provide a short-term solution for the Lions. While Newton’s recent absence from the league may raise some concerns, his potential upside and willingness to play on a team-friendly contract should not be overlooked. Ultimately, the Lions should carefully consider all their options and choose the quarterback who best fits their needs and budget.

Written by W.G. Brady

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