3 Trade destinations for Red Wings C Dylan Larkin


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Could the Detroit Red Wings end up trading captain Dylan Larkin before the 2022-23 NHL trade deadline passes? That is a question that has gained some traction ever since the recent news broke that the Red Wings' latest offer to Larkin was “not received well.” With the speculation emerging that Larkin could be traded, there has been some discussion as to which teams would be lining up to make Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman an offer he cannot refuse.

Dylan Larkin Detroit Red Wings

Why it Matters

Not only is Larkin the Red Wings' captain, but he is a homegrown kid that seems to want to stay in Detroit.

  • Larkin is in the final year of his deal
  • A report has surfaced that the Red Wings' latest offer was not received well
  • If Larkin and the Red Wings can not come to an agreement, he could be traded

3 teams that could trade for Red Wings C Dylan Larkin

According to an article written by Michael DeRosa of The Hockey Writers, the three teams that could be interested in trading for Larkin are as follows.

  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Minnesota Wild

Big Picture

Here is a little bit about what DeRosa has to say about each of the three potential trade destinations for Larkin.


The Carolina Hurricanes stand out as a major landing spot for Larkin. After losing offseason departure Vincent Trocheck through free agency to the New York Rangers, the Hurricanes have yet to find a legitimate replacement for him at second-line center


Another clear potential landing spot for Larkin is the Colorado Avalanche. The reigning Stanley Cup champions have had an underwhelming season thus far, and that is primarily due to the abundance of injuries that they have suffered. Yet, even as they get healthier, it is clear that their center group could use a significant boost. 


In a recent piece for Daily Faceoff, NHL insider Frank Seravalli argued that the Minnesota Wild’s primary objective should be to add a first-line center before the trade deadline passes. It is quite easy to understand why this is the case, as although they are a solid team, their center depth lacks any true star power. If the Wild want to compete with the Western Conference’s top teams, this is something they absolutely need to change.

Where Dylan Larkin will play in 2023-24

According to recent reports, the Red Wings recently sent an offer to Larkin's camp that was nowhere close to what they are looking for. That being said, Larkin has made it pretty clear that he wants to continue his career in Detroit, and it would be pretty surprising if Steve Yzerman does not want to keep Larkin around for the foreseeable future.

Now, if Larkin's camp is not willing to meet in the middle, Yzerman is not the type of person who is just going to give in and overpay.

When it comes down to it, I still feel like Larkin will sign a long-term extension with the Red Wings.

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  1. Larkin isn’t a NHL captain. Definitely no Yzerman. He’s soft, easily baited, and no leader. As a Wings fan, I’m fine with a trade, actually I hope for a trade.


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