360, through-the-legs, over four people dunk! [Video]

Back when I was a young-gun I loved watching slam-dunk contests. It didn’t matter if it was the NBA, college, or even high school (shout out to my boy Jason Ehlfeldt who won the Oakland County Slam Dunk Championship back in the day).

I have seen 360 dunks, through the legs dunks and jumping over people dunks, all win championships. What about all three of those in one dunk though? That I had never seen until now.

Check out Rafal Lipinski as he throws down one of the craziest dunks you will ever see. What may be even crazier though is that he did not win! I have also included the winning slam dunk by Jordan Kilganon which was nice, but nowhere near as good as Lipinski’s.

Here is Lipinski’s dunk.

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Just a lil preview of what went down today by @lipekbasketball. And he DIDN'T win! The craziest final against @jordankilganon we've ever seen! #dunkelite #shutupandplay #k1x #shutdown

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Now for Kilganon’s dunk.

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Nailed the Krown dubble up X dunk at the @shutupandplay2015 dunk contest. Big thanks to @k1x, the whole thing was NUTS. More footage coming soon! #ShutUpAndPlay #K1X #BounceKit #DunkElite #HoopMixTape #Krown

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