49ers cornerback Richard Sherman still has no love for ex-coach Jim Harbaugh

The hatred that Richard Sherman has for now-Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh lives on, and it doesn’t look it there’s an end in sight.

Speaking in an interview earlier this week, Sherman once again reiterated that the hard feelings he has for his former Stanford coach are still as strong as ever.

“There is nothing to mend,” Sherman explained. “The bridge was burned down, torn down and built another bridge at another place. But the bridge in this particular relationship will never be rebuilt. I don’t think he is interested in it, and I’m not interested in it.”

Their bad blood can be traced all the way back to their Stanford days when Harbaugh accused Sherman of quitting on the team following his decision to have season-ending surgery in 2008. Sherman also believes that he didn’t receive any help from Harbaugh in the pre-draft process of 2011; Sherman would be drafted by the Seattle Seahawks.

However, it seems as though it wasn’t just Harbaugh who had his difficulties with Sherman.

“During spring practice he was a diva,” demanding quarterbacks throw him the ball, recalled Ron Lynn, the co-defensive coordinator. Lynn told Sherman “You’re acting like a spoiled brat. I’ve coached really good players who don’t act like that.”

The five-time All-Pro cornerback is a former Super Bowl champion with Seattle, and is currently leading the 49ers defense in their NFC title game against Green Bay.

Which side of this feud are you on?

– – Quotes courtesy of Elliott Almond of the San Jose Mercury News Link – –

Written by Michael Whitaker

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