49ers GM John Lynch gives advice to Detroit Lions HC Matt Patricia

By Arnold Powell  - News Desk Writer
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Detroit Lions

As you have certainly heard by now, the San Francisco 49ers went from having the second-worst record in the NFL in 2018 to a Super Bowl berth.

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One of the main reasons for the 49ers’ success is the outstanding job GM John Lynch has done building their roster.

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With the 49ers worst to first finish, the talk in Detroit is whether or not the Lions can replicate the same success in 2020.

Lions head coach Matt Patricia, who is currently in Mobile, AL with the rest of his coaching staff to coach in the Senior Bowl, recently joined Ian Rapoport’s “Rap Sheet” podcast and revealed some advice that Lynch gave him during a back-and-forth text exchange.

“Thanks, but enjoy the Senior Bowl.” Lynch said following Patricia congratulating him on a great season, “It really did a lot for us last year. You can really learn a lot, and if you take advantage of it, you are going to come out the other side with some guys that you did not know about.”

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The Lions got the invite to coach the North team at the Senior Bowl following their disastrous 3-12-1 record this past season.

You can bet that Patricia and his coaching staff, along with Lions GM Bob Quinn and his scouting department, will be analyzing every move that every player makes this week in Mobile. Who knows, maybe a couple of those players will end up on the Lions roster for the 2020 season.

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