5 Alabama/Ohio State prospects Detroit Lions fans should have their eye on tonight

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On Monday night, Alabama and Ohio State will take the field in what will be the final battle for the College Football Playoff National Championship.

So, why should Detroit Lions fans be interested in tonight’s game, other than the fact that it is the final football game of the season?

Well, when it comes to the Crimson Tide and the Buckeyes, there is a plethora of NFL talent that will be on display on Monday night and the Lions (and their fans) should be paying close attention to the following players.

Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State: In my humble opinion, Justin Fields will not be a franchise NFL quarterback but I also think there are enough people who disagree with me that he will be a top-five pick (mostly because of his performance in the national semifinal against Clemson). That being said, if Fields comes back down to earth against Alabama, which I believe he will, don’t be surprised if he is available when the Lions are on the clock.

DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama: DeVonta Smith won the 2020 Heisman Trophy this past week, which is pretty impressive considering the last wide receiver to bring home the hardware was Desmond Howard. It is also impressive considering he is the second-best wide receiver on his team (more on this in a moment). Smith can absolutely fly but his overall size (6-1, 175 pounds) is a concern of mine.

Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama: Now let’s get to the best wide receiver on the Alabama roster, Jaylen Waddle. First off, let me say that Waddle’s size (5-10, 182 pounds) is also concerning to me and I would not select either him or Smith with the No. 7 overall pick but I would not be surprised at all if the Lions do exactly that. Waddle, in my opinion, was the best wide receiver in the nation before getting injured and with him being expected to make a full recovery, he could go very high in the upcoming draft.

Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State: The Lions are going to need wide receiver help in 2021 and in my opinion, a guy like Chris Olave out of Ohio State is the type of player I would have my eye on if he is still available when the Lions are on the clock in the second round. I absolutely HATE spending a first-round pick on a wide receiver when a guy like Olave, who will arguably have a better NFL career tan both Waddle and Smith, is available a round later.

Mac Jones, QB, Alabama: I have made it pretty clear that I believe the Detroit Lions will keep Matthew Stafford around for the 2021 season and that they may even end up signing him to a contract extension…if he wants to stay. That being said, even if Stafford is around, I would not be opposed to the Lions selecting a quarterback (not in the first round) at some point during the upcoming draft. I could see the Lions taking Jones in the second round if he is still available.

Nation, which players from tonight’s game do you think the Lions should have their eye on?



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