5 Best quotes from Episode 2 of Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Hard Knocks Detroit Lions

Episode 2 of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions is a wrap and if you tuned in, you know it was another quotable episode.

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Whether it was Dan Campbell talking to rookie EDGE Aidan Hutchinson, Duce Staley talking about D’Andre Swift, or Kelvin Sheppard talking about rookie LB Malcolm Rodriguez, there were some great quotes from last night’s episode.

Here are the Top 5 quotes from Tuesday night’s episode.

Top 5 quotes from Hard Knocks Detroit Lions: Episode 2

“For some of you, this is preseason. For some of you, this determines your (bleeping) season! And if you ain’t down to fight for the man next to you, stay your ass in the locker room and when the true warriors walk out, you can go the (bleep) home!” – Duce Staley talking to the team

“Reynolds, that a baby! That’s so good! I’d kiss you right now if you weren’t breathing so hard.” Dan Campbell to WR Josh Reynolds

“I’m so (bleeping) sick of saying this about a rookie! What do y’all want me to do? Put him out there first? Because that’s what’s about to happen!” -LBs coach Kelvin Sheppard talking to his linebackers about rookie, Malcolm Rodriguez

“I need Swift to believe he’s the best every time he steps on the (bleeping) field. I need him to know when he’s one on one, no matter if he’s running a route or he has the ball in his hands, that no one can guard him or tackle him.” – Deuce Staley when talking about D’Andre Swift to the coaching staff

“I’ll tell you what I love about you, you’re speaking without your (bleeping) mouth. You’re just earning it, which is exactly why we wanted to get you. Because you just (Bleeping) go do what you’re doing.” Dan Campbell to Aidan Hutchinson when he pulled him aside to check in on him.

Nation, what was your favorite quote from last night’s episode of Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions?

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