5 Potential NHL Trades in the new year

The NHL trade rumor mill is buzzing with potential moves that could come in January. The trade deadline is still a couple of months away, but teams are already looking to buy and sell to prepare for a run at the NHL Playoffs.  

A host of players could be on the move before the trade deadline. Here are five players that could change teams in the next month to help spur their new team onto the playoffs.  

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Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks 

Patrick Kane is one of the biggest names in the NHL, and it is unlikely the Chicago Blackhawks would trade one of their star players. Or is it? Several teams are rumored as possible destinations for Kane, including the New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils, and Boston Bruins. The Blackhawks are ready to start rebuilding the franchise, and trading Kane are one of the ways they can accelerate the team's restructuring. Kane may block a trade, as his contract has a no-trade clause. He is also a free agent in the offseason. 

Patric Hornqvist, Florida Panthers 

Hornqvist could be a player that moves teams near the trade deadline. He is the ideal player for a team needing a solid enforcer type to do the dirty things on the ice. The problem with Hornqvist is two-fold. He turns 36 on New Year’s Day, so there may not be many minutes left in his legs. In addition, Hornqvist has a no-trade clause in his contract. Florida may want to move Hornqvist on and get him off their payroll. However, finding a team to take him may be more difficult.  

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Jesse Puljujarvi, Edmonton Oilers 

Puljujarvi had so much potential in Edmonton, yet it just hasn’t worked out for him. A former No 4 draft pick, Puljujarvi is just 24 years old and is in the prime of his career. Puljujarvi’s struggles this season came from playing on the same line as Connor McDavid. If Puljujarvi cannot score points playing next to McDavid, something has to be wrong. The Finn has been rumored for a trade over the last two seasons. Perhaps this season will finally see Puljujarvi move on. 

James van Riemsdyk, Philadelphia Flyers 

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Van Riemsdyk is a veteran winger with a history of posting points. The Flyers player could provide veteran leadership on the second line for a team looking for a playoff spot. Van Riemsdyk is a solid player and could improve a team. The Flyers are not having a good season, and Van Riemsdyk’s numbers can reflect the team’s overall play. Van Riemsdyk could be a perfect example of a good player needing to find a new home to improve their play.  

John Klingberg, Anaheim Ducks 

Klingberg arrived in Anaheim on a one-year contract last offseason after failing to lock down a long-term deal. He hasn’t had a great season with the Ducks and is on pace to score between 25 and 30 points this campaign. While Klingberg hasn’t had a great 2022-23, his poor stats output can be blamed on playing for the Anaheim Ducks. He was a consistent 40-point-a-season player before this season. Perhaps a trade to new surroundings would get Klingberg back on track.  

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