5 Reasons why we can ALL hate the Ohio State Buckeyes

This is Detroit Sports Nation and whether you are a fan of the Maize and Blue or the Green and White, we can all agree that Ohio State is absolutely awful and that the planet would be better without anything associated with it.

Here is a list of 5 reasons why the Ohio State Buckeyes are a joke.


When it comes to recruiting in Michigan, the top players usually go to one of three places. Two of those schools (Michigan and Michigan State) are great in-state options for top recruits, but a school from the south keeps crashing the party.

It seems like every season, Ohio State swoops in and grabs a player from Michigan that would have otherwise gone to the Wolverines or the Spartans. GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR STATE, BUCKEYES!


Is there a worse color combination in the world of sports than scarlet and gray? The answer to that question is NO.

I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about the color red (or variations of it, like Scarlet) that drives me crazy. Even Santa Claus looks absolutely ridiculous wearing that horrendous color! Let me do you a HUGE favor. Go to your closet and take a look around. If you own anything that includes the colors scarlet or red, just burn it. Trust me, it does not look good on you.


What an absolute embarrassment it must be to say the team you root for or play for has a nut as a mascot! I’m sure there is some sort of interesting history behind how they chose “Brutus the Buckeye,” but when it came down to it, whoever was in the room when the decision was made must have hated Ohio State.

Michigan legend Jon Jansen blares 'The Victors' during Ohio parade

I mean, it had to be a big joke, right? Talk about ZERO intimidation!


I cannot tell you how much I love to hear a player or fan refer to Ohio State as “‘The’ Ohio State University.”

I’m not kidding, I actually laugh a little bit every single time I hear it. Is it really necessary to add “The” in front? Must it be overemphasized every single time? Are they trying to deflect attention from their absolute embarrassment of a mascot? Do they think there are two Ohio State’s and they are trying to separate the two? SOMEBODY ANSWER ME!


One of the biggest reasons why Ohio State is a complete joke is because no matter what they do, it’s always about Michigan. It doesn’t matter if they are winning or losing, it all comes back to the Wolverines.

When the Buckeyes (ha ha ha) won the College Football Playoff a few years ago, Buckeye fans (ha ha ha) that I happen to be acquaintances with made more comments about Michigan being a dumpster fire than they did about their own team winning! The Wolverines have always lived and will always live in the collective heads of the Buckeyes. That is a fact!


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7 thoughts on “5 Reasons why we can ALL hate the Ohio State Buckeyes”

  1. There are, in fact, 2 Ohio State Universities. The first one is in Athens, Ohio and the second one is in Columbus, Ohio. Another thought, back when TTUN could actually play football, over half their team was from Ohio, even one of their Heisman Trophy winners is from Ohio! Oh, and do you know anything about the nut called a Buckeye? Tough to crack and once inside, if you eat the core, it is deadly poison. That is why Brutus is always smiling (laughing) at TTUN and Sparty!!

  2. I hate the Buckeyes too & Im from Ohio. I love the Purple & Gold. Washington Huskies. A terrific team. Go Purple, be Gold.????????

  3. O – H – I – O !!!! What the hell is a Spartan? Never seen any on the team. Why does OSU have so many famous players? And then to top it off we have TBDBITL!!!!!

  4. The answer to your question regarding the addition of “The” to Ohio State University is this: It stands for Tradition, Honor, Excellence (T.H.E.). Hopefully that makes sense.

  5. All I can say is…in your dreams!! OSU nation is PROUD of Ryan Day and “ the” Ohio State University Buckeyes! We do have the BDBITL
    and our academics are top -notched! O-H-I-O Buckeyes forever!!

  6. Sounds like some sore losers crying the blues to me. Maybe if Sorry Sparty or Blew could figure out a way to win against the Buckeyes, your writers wouldn’t feel compelled to sit around crying about why they hate OSU so much.

  7. I am from Ohio, the original State University in Athens.

    So many times try to look up things about Ohio University and all I get is Ohio State stuff. I have to explain that they are different places. That we are the FIRST university in Ohio (entire old Northwest Territory, actually. Miami people tend to forget this also). We are not a branch campus of Ohio State.

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