5 Reasons why the 2023 Detroit Lions WILL live up to the hype

There is a TON of hope surrounding the 2023 Detroit Lions, and there are a handful of reasons why they will live up to that hype.

The Detroit Lions have long been the underdogs of the NFL, but the tides are turning, and the 2023 season holds great promise for the team. There are five compelling reasons why the 2023 Detroit Lions are primed to live up to the hype and surprise everyone. From the offensive prowess of Coordinator Ben Johnson to the improved secondary and a favorable schedule, the pieces are falling into place for the Lions to make a mark. With head coach Dan Campbell‘s continued growth, the Lions are set to defy expectations and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

Ben Johnson 2023 Detroit Lions

1) Year 2 of Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson

The Lions struck gold with Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson in his first season. Leading a top-five offense in the league, Johnson showcased his tactical brilliance and ability to exploit opponents' weaknesses. However, he is far from satisfied with their performance in 2022 and is determined to push the envelope even further in 2023. With another year to fine-tune his strategies and build on the team's chemistry, Johnson's innovative play-calling and knack for exploiting mismatches will continue to shine, making the Lions' offense a formidable force on the field.

2) The 2023 Detroit Lions have better weapons on offense

Although the Lions bid farewell to the talented Jamaal Williams and DJ Chark, they wasted no time in bolstering their offensive arsenal. The signing of running back David Montgomery and the drafting of running back Jahmyr Gibbs and tight end Sam LaPorta add a new dimension to the team's offense. Montgomery's proven skills, combined with the explosive potential of Gibbs and the reliable hands of LaPorta, will keep opposing defenses on their toes. Furthermore, the return of wide receiver Jameson Williams by Week 7 will provide a significant boost and add another dynamic threat to the Lions' passing game.

3) The Secondary will be improved

The Lions' secondary endured a tumultuous season in 2022, leaving much room for improvement. General Manager Brad Holmes recognized this and wasted no time addressing the issue during the free agency period. The addition of a trio of talented defensive backs brings a much-needed upgrade to the secondary. While the Lions may not boast the league's top defensive backfield, the new acquisitions will significantly bolster their performance. With increased depth, improved communication, and enhanced skill sets, the 2023 Detroit Lions' secondary is poised to make a marked improvement, making it harder for opposing offenses to find success through the air.

4) A favorable schedule

A favorable schedule can provide a crucial advantage to any team, and the Lions are no exception. Based on last year's records, the 2023 Detroit Lions' schedule, on paper, seems to be overall favorable to them. If they can weather the storm during the first four weeks, a stretch that tests their mettle, the Lions will find themselves in an advantageous position to compete for the NFC North crown. The favorable schedule gives the team an opportunity to build momentum and confidence as they face opponents that may be perceived as beatable. This advantageous position will be key as the Lions strive to make their mark in the highly competitive NFL landscape.

Dan Campbell 2023 Detroit Lions DeAndre Hopkins

5) Dan Campbell Keeps Getting Better

The growth and development of head coach Dan Campbell have been evident since he first took the reins in Detroit. Year 2 showcased a significant improvement in Campbell's leadership, game management, and ability to rally his team. With his infectious energy, unwavering commitment, and passion for the game, Campbell has instilled a winning culture within the organization. As he enters his third year, the expectations are high, and rightfully so. Campbell's continuous growth and maturation as a head coach make it plausible that he will not only meet but exceed those expectations. In fact, I am confidently predicting that Campbell will be crowned the NFL Coach of the Year, a testament to his remarkable impact on the 2023 Detroit Lions.

Bottom Line: The 2023 Detroit Lions will live up to the hype!

The 2023 Detroit Lions are a team on the rise, poised to surpass expectations and make a name for themselves in the NFL. With Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson's continued brilliance, an influx of talent on offense, an improved secondary, a favorable schedule, and the ever-improving leadership of head coach Dan Campbell, the Lions have all the ingredients for a successful season. As the hype surrounding the team grows, it becomes increasingly clear that the Lions are ready to roar and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the league. The doubters may be in for a surprise as the Lions embark on a journey filled with promise, determination, and a burning desire to prove their worth on the gridiron.


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