5 Takeaways from Episode 2 of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions

Episode 2 of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions is in the books and it was another great episode.

Here are five quick takeaways from Episode 2 of Hard Knocks.

5 Takeaways from Episode 2 of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions

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Deuce Staley is going to get it all out of D'Andre Swift or he will die trying

Detroit Lions' assistant head coach and running backs coach Deuce Staley believes D'Andre Swift can be the best running back in the NFL and he is going to do whatever he can to get everything out of him.

“I need (D’Andre) Swift to believe he’s the best every time he steps on the f—king field,” Staley says in Tuesday’s second episode of “Hard Knocks,” which goes behind the scenes with the Lions at training camp.  “I need to know when he’s one-on-one — no matter if he’s running a route or has the ball in his hands — no one can guard him or tackle him. … He’s got it. It’s in there. (That) boy’s special. And every day we get out there in between those lines, he’s gotta believe that. I’m gonna try my hardest to get that sh-t out of him. Ain’t no try — I’m a f—king get it out of him.”

During footage of the preseason game against the Falcons, Staley was hard on Swift and kept emphasizing that he needs to stay disciplined.

Aidan Hutchinson is going to be a problem

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Leading up to the game against the Falcons, Dan Campbell pulled Hutchinson aside to check in on him and to let him know he has noticed how well he had been playing in practice and in the Lions scrimmage.

There was a solid amount of footage of Aidan Hutchinson in Episode 2 and the cameras were set up in rolling in his family's suite for the game against the Falcons.

Hutchinson's mom had to wipe tears from her eyes when Aidan made a tackle for loss on his second play.

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You could tell that Hutchinson was a bit gassed after his first defensive series against the Falcons. (It was a long one that resulted in a touchdown)

When Dan Campbell speaks, everyone listens

During a team meeting prior to their first preseason game, Dan Campbell explains that if he sees any players goofing around on the sideline while their teammates are out on the field fighting for a job, he will lose it.

Not to beat a dead horse but it is very apparent that when Campbell is speaking to a player individually, or to the team as a whole, they are listening intently and he has their full attention.

“Look, that’s frustrating,” Campbell says. “It’s frustrating because you want to win that game. We should’ve won that game, but we didn’t earn it. You guys know that. We didn’t earn it. …You’re gonna see, this is this league, man. When things don’t go right, it’s probably your own fault. It’s probably our own fault, right? …That’s the little stuff in this league that will bite you in the ass. It is and it always will be.”

Malcolm Rodriguez is for real and the Lions' coaches know it

We have been hearing plenty of great things about sixth-round pick, Malcolm Rodriguez but things got taken to a new level on Episode 2 of Hard Knocks.

In fact, Rodriguez (who already has the nickname of Rodrigo) was one of the main storylines of the episode and it was obvious that he has been impressing his coaches and his fellow teammates with his aggressive play at the linebacker position.

“Watch Rodriguez. Watch Rodriguez,” Kelvin Sheppard says to his room. “I’m f—king sick of saying this about a rookie. What do y’all want me to do? Put him out there first? ‘Cause that’s what’s about to happen. This ain’t nothing against you, Rodriguez. Matter of fact — you’re f—king playing your ass off, dude. But it’s a rookie, who I’m doing everything I can not to put out here first. I’m sick of f—king saying it.”

“There ain’t much you can’t do on the field,” Sheppard tells Rodriguez during the episode. “I’m telling you right now, this year can be whatever you want it to be. Everything’s open for you right now. You got me? You just gotta go take it and do it.”

Amon-Ra St. Brown is still salty about the 2021 NFL Draft

First of all, Amon-Ra St. Brown's father is quite the character and I really hope that he makes appearances on future episodes of Hard Knocks.

Second, Amon-Ra clearly still has a chip on his shoulder from being selected in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

“For me,” St. Brown says, “I would say the draft experience was shitty.”

In fact, St. Brown can name each and every wide receiver selected ahead of him in the draft, along with the college they attended.

“That chip on my shoulder that I still have comes from that day,” St. Brown says.

Check it out.

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