5 trade possibilities for the Detroit Lions

[tps_header]The Detroit Lions have some rather worrisome holes at a few positions heading into the NFL draft. Bob Quinn did a decent job signing veteran depth players, but none of them inspire much hope to turn around the organization. Team deficiencies can be filled with rookies, but reaching for a player when there is better talent on the board rarely ends well. Quinn has stated multiple times the importance of building through the draft, so there is no room for error.

In a perfect world, the Lions could select any player who fortuitously slips to them regardless of what position they play. That fallen player is not always going to align with what Detroit needs, and they shouldn’t feel tempted to draft for need if they don’t have any urgent inadequacies. Here are five trades that would help replenish some of the holes in the Lions roster before draft day.[/tps_header]






1. Kyle Van Noy, LB, Detroit Lions


Kareem Martin, DE, Arizona Cardinals



Breakdown: Both of these players seem to be out of place on their respective teams. Van Noy was a high second-round pick who has the skill-set of a 34 OLB. Meanwhile, Martin was a great size/speed prospect coming out of North Carolina. He has gained and lost weight trying out both DE and OLB in Arizona’s 3-4 scheme. A change of scenery might do these underperforming talents a huge favor for their careers. It is possible that Van Noy does not even make the 53-man roster this year under the new regime- time to get something for him while you can.


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