7 players who could be drafted by the Detroit Lions in the first round

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When the Detroit Lions hired Bob Quinn as their next general manager, they were well aware of the importance of this offseason. The Lions are in a unique situation where they may only be a handful of players away from competing for a playoff spot in 2016 and the NFL Draft is a good way to fill those holes.

That being said, let’s take a look at seven players who the Detroit Lions will seriously consider drafting if they are still on the board when the 16th pick rolls around.



[tps_title]Jarran Reed (DL) – Alabama[/tps_title]

Jarran Reed - YouTube

One of the biggest needs that the Lions have at this time is improving the defensive line. Jarran Reed, who is 6-3, 307 pounds, is a player who would immediately step in and improve the Lions rush defense. Reed was an absolute beast at Alabama and proved time and time again that he could play well against top competition.