8-year-old writes letter to Detroit Lions to help save her school

8-year-old writes letter to Detroit Lions to help save her school. It would be awesome if the Lions step up and save the day!

 8-year-old writes letter to Detroit Lions to help save her school

In a heartfelt appeal to the Detroit Lions, 8-year-old Violet, a student at St. Germaine Catholic School in St. Clair Shores, wrote a letter seeking assistance to save her school from closure. The school, facing a financial crisis with a yearly operational deficit of about $150,000, announced it would shut down at the end of the current academic year. Violet, unwilling to part ways with her school and friends, reached out to the Detroit Lions, expressing her deep desire to keep the school running.

“I was crying and stuff,” Violet said. “Me and my friends couldn't let that happen.”

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The Letter

“Dear Detroit Lions, 

Our school is shutting down because we don’t have enough money to keep it open. So all I’m asking you is for you to donate money to help St. Germaine school. We need a total of $350,000 to keep our school open. Anything that you can do would mean so much for us. 

– Your biggest fans from Saint Germaine. Good luck at the game.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Violet, an 8-year-old student, writes to the Detroit Lions requesting financial help to save her school, St. Germaine Catholic School, from closing due to financial struggles.
  2. The school faces a closure threat with an annual deficit of $150,000, prompting Violet's emotional plea for $350,000 in aid.
  3. Violet's letter embodies hope and the power of community, awaiting the Detroit Lions’ response, which has been routed for review.
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The Bottom Line – A Child’s Dream and a Community’s Future

Violet’s letter to the Detroit Lions is more than just a request for funds; it is a symbol of hope, community spirit, and the belief that even in dire situations, a difference can be made. It reflects the innocence of childhood intertwined with the harsh realities of financial constraints in education. The response of the Detroit Lions to this earnest plea could set a precedent for community involvement and showcase the power of sports organizations in rallying support for crucial causes. Violet's story resonates with the importance of never giving up on dreams, much like the Lions' ethos, and the significance of collective efforts in overcoming challenges.