WATCH: Isiah Thomas says ‘Bad Boys’ Pistons would have matched up perfectly with Golden State Warriors

TNT made an excellent decision Monday night when the television network decided to turn its NBA coverage entirely over to former players. In the studio, Chris Webber hosted a panel featuring Isiah Thomas, Baron Davis and Chris Bosh.

Of course, the league-leading Golden State Warriors were discussed, and Webber, a Detroit native, asked Pistons legend Isiah Thomas how the 1989 Detroit ‘Bad Boy' Pistons would stack up to this year's Warriors team.

“Let me ask you this, Zeke. How would you guys have checked them?,” Webber said, referring to the Bad Boys Pistons. “I know you could score, I know you all could put them in the mixer and they would have to worry about you just as much offensively, no doubt about it. But how would you guys have checked them?”

Thomas' answer was so quick and well-planned that it seems like something Thomas has given a lot of thought to. The match-ups were as follows:

Joe Dumars on Klay Thompson. Dennis Rodman on Kevin Durant. And Thomas on Stephen Curry. Draymond Green would get the unfortunate pleasure of being guarded by Rick Mahorn and John Salley.

Thomas said the Pistons would match-up perfectly, and he's kind of right. Him and Steph is a virtual wash. Dumars and Klay would be unbelievably entertaining. I'd pay top dollar to see Kevin Durant vs. Dennis Rodman today, and Draymond will be playing within rules that allow him more freedom to jiu-jitsu his opponents.



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