Darius Slay’s comments about Earth will blow your mind!

NBA star Kyrie Irving raised more than a few eyebrows last season when he confessed his belief that the world is flat instead of round. He's since said that he was simply trolling.

But now, one local sports figure has decided to get in on the fun – if that's what you can call it.

Detroit Lions cornerback Darius Slay was answering questions submitted by fans to Tori Petry of the Lions official website, and answered one fan's question on whether or not he believes that the world is flat.

“I mean, I think it is, we're walking flat so how is it round?,” he says with a laugh.

Now, while we don't know for sure whether or not Slay was actually being serious, Tori Petry did provide a bit of hope to Lions fans everywhere who facepalmed after watching the interview.

Of course, the world is not flat. Sorry for the spoiler alert.



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