97.1 the Ticket’s Mike Valenti bashes Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell

One thing is for sure, new Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is passionate about everything he does and though he may be a bit over the top for some people's liking, you cannot say that he does not want to win a Super Bowl for the city of Detroit.

On Thursday, it was announced that Campbell had been selected to be the Grand Marshal for the Detroit Grand Prix and the Lions head coach was clearly honored and excited about the opportunity.

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In fact, Campbell started off Thursday's press conference by wearing a racing helmet, an action that some national media members had a field day with (in a negative way, of course).

Well, now Mike Valenti of 97.1 the Ticket is hopping on the bandwagon and ripping Campbell.

From Sports Illustrated:

Mike Valenti, co-host of “The Valenti Show with Rico” on 97.1 FM, is no longer impressed with Campbell's public behavior, which he described as cartoonish. 

On Friday, Valenti expressed, “When he goes 2-15 this year, that stuff ain't going to be cute. We had this before. We had Rod Marinelli. We've had Marty Mornhinweg on a Harley, and Oakley's and driving away from practice. We had “The Terminator” Jim Schwartz. Everything with Lions' coaches is a bit.” 

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Valenti added, “This is a cartoon. Dan Campbell doesn't look right running an NFL team right now. You're not gunna see Nick Saban in a space helmet. You're not gunna see Bill Belichick talk about knee-cap biting.” 

Valenti then went on to implore someone in the front office to inform Campbell that the organization has had a long list of “cartoon-character” head coaches. 

Do you agree with Valenti and the media members who are ripping Campbell?

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  1. Yes hes gone overboard but Valenti and yes man Rico run a cartoon bevis and butthead radio show they spend most there time yuking it up

  2. Valenti is just a bitter little man, falling endlessly in love with his own voice. Pathological narcissist.

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