97.1 the Ticket’s Mike Valenti suggests BOLD trades for Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are at the beginning of a rebuild and as we have noted, that rebuild is going to take some time.

If you happened to tune into “The Valenti Show With Rico” on Thursday afternoon, you probably heard him make an extremely bold trade suggestion for the Lions.

Valenti suggested on the air that the Lions trade both TE T.J. Hockenson and LT Taylor Decker to speed up the process.

Quotes via Sports Illustrated:

“Guys, we’re nowhere close,” Valenti said. “So is it crazy to view it like when the Dolphins did what they did?”

“They went from being in the AFC championship game, with a lead in Foxboro, in the fourth quarter,” Valenti said, “to in a two-year span, burnt down the entire house. All of it.”

“Your head coach has a six-year contract, your GM has a five-year contract,” Valenti said. “You have four first-round picks in the next two years. What if I could make that six first rounders in three years? What if I could make that three extra second rounders? What if we just built the war chest here?”

“What is the wisdom of having TJ Hockenson here?” Valenti said Thursday. “And wasting his entire rookie contract, only to then maybe be ready to win and have to pay him $20 million a year versus, what if they finish burning this down?”

“I’m talking about putting 10 to 12 really good, high-end young players into this franchise in the next two years,” Valenti said. “That puts me closer to winning than Hockenson having 78 catches for 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns and some sick lettuce.”

Nation, would you try to trade Hockenson and Decker?

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  1. So trade your two first round picks Hockeson and Ragnow for another 2 first round picks that makes sense lol

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