97.1 The Ticket on-air personalities say they have taken pay cuts

In response to COVID-19, many people in Michigan have been forced to either take a pay cut and many others have lost their job altogether.

This has affected many different jobs, including our local radio stations.

In early April, 97.1 The Ticket personalities Dennis Fithian and Ryan Wooley revealed on Twitter that they had been cut from the station because of financial reasons.

Then there were reports about how 97.1 The Ticket was asking for volunteers to take a pay cut in order to avoid further layoffs.

Though a list of those who volunteered (or were forced) to take a pay cut has not been released, we now know of a couple of on-air personalities who are part of that group.

On Tuesday morning, during the Jamie and Stoney Show, Mike Stone read a ticket text (from a listener) which challenged him and his co-host Jamie Samuelsen about “what have you guys done” to help while some of their coworkers were out of a job completely.

Stone responded by saying he has taken a pay cut and that it has been a lot more than 5%. Samuelsen agreed that he has done the same.

There is still no word as to whether or not the top earner at the station, Mike Valenti has also taken a pay cut.

Written by Arnold Powell


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