MUST HEAR: Mike Valenti ROASTS the Lions!

97.1 The Ticket’s Mike Valenti is known throughout metro-Detroit for his hard hitting and loud opinions. Love him or hate him, the guy knows sports and isn’t afraid to tell it as he sees it.

Monday afternoon’s edition of “The Valenti Show” featured an incredible opening monologue in the aftermath of the Detroit Lions’ debacle on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, during which the team somehow managed to trot out nine men on the field for a critical 3rd and 7 conversion.

“I have never seen a team take a snap with nine players on the field,” Valenti said. “I have never seen it.”

“This stuff … this doesn’t fly in New York. You know what happened today in New York? It mattered? OK, bleep mattered. My Giants just broomed out a GM with a Super Bowl, broomed out a coach who made the playoffs last year. The record is one thing this year where the Giants are a Dumpster fire. But you know what it was about? Malfeasance, the bungling of a situation. The Giants screwed up with Eli Manning, John Mara was furious. So you know what he did? He did what a real owner does. He put a bullet in the coach. And then he put a bullet in the general manager, and said you’re both out of here because you both embarrassed this organization.”

Does this happen in a city where football matters? Valenti doesn’t think so.

“That’s what a real owner does in a real city, where it matters.”

Nation, should the Lions do what Valenti is asking and fire Caldwell? Be sure and visit our poll and let your voice be heard! So far, with nearly 3K votes, 80% of you have voted affirmative!

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1 thought on “MUST HEAR: Mike Valenti ROASTS the Lions!”

  1. From week to week lately the pussy cats are unprepared to play that falls on the whole coaching staff! Caldwell is to soft and shows no fire that is a sign of weakness in coaching , you don’t have to be a tyrant but you have show who’s boss which he does not keeping your cool is not always the game here!

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