A.J. Hinch comments about possibly sending SP Joey Wentz to Toledo

Heading into the 2023 season, the hope was that Joey Wentz would take a big step forward for the Detroit Tigers, but through his first nine starts, that has not been the case. In fact, in his last two starts, including on Sunday against the Washington Nationals, Wentz has failed to make it out of the third inning, which is a problem. Despite his struggles, Tigers' manager A.J. Hinch still believes in Wentz.

A.J. Hinch Joey Wentz Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  1. A.J. Hinch's faith in Joey Wentz:
  • Tigers' manager A.J. Hinch expressed his continued belief in Joey Wentz despite his recent struggles.
  • Hinch emphasized that Wentz is a talented pitcher and they will work on ways to improve his performance for his next start.
  • Despite concerns over early exits in his last two starts, Hinch reiterated the team's confidence in Wentz and his abilities.
  1. Wentz's self-belief:
  • Joey Wentz acknowledged his need to perform better after two poor starts.
  • He remains determined to keep working hard and contribute positively to the team.
  • Despite his recent struggles, Wentz maintains confidence in himself and believes in his abilities to bounce back.
  1. Areas for improvement:
  • Wentz identified specific areas that need improvement, including finishing his curveball down, better changeups, and improved fastballs.
  • While recognizing his recent poor performances, he expressed that his confidence remains intact.
  • Wentz is committed to making the necessary adjustments and continuing to grow as a pitcher.
Joey Wentz Detroit Tigers A.J. Hinch

A.J. Hinch comments about possibly sending SP Joey Wentz to Toledo

Following the game, Hinch spoke to reporters, and it does not sound like sending Wentz down to Toledo is on his mind.

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“Joey is a good pitcher,” manager AJ Hinch said. “This is five minutes after the game We will talk about what we can do to make him better for his next start.”

“Obviously, a couple early exits is concerning because it makes you empty the tank in your bullpen and that impacts the next series, as well,” Hinch said, referencing that Wentz has not finished the third inning in his last two starts. “But, we believe in Joey. He's a really good pitcher. He's got good stuff. Today didn't go his way, but we need Joey.”

Wentz still believes in himself

Despite his struggles, Wentz still believes in himself.

“Obviously, I need to throw better,” Wentz said. “The last two (starts), both have been pretty poor. I think you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and try to get better. Next outing, I'll try to go deep in the game and contribute to the team.”

“I gotta finish my curveball down, I gotta throw better changeups, and I gotta throw better fastballs,” Wentz said. “My confidence is fine. I don't think mentally I shake too much. I think I've been poor the last two (starts), but confidence is still good.”

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