Aaron Downey punishes Ian Laperrière for injuring Nicklas Lidstrom [VIDEO]

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Former Colorado Avalanche forward Ian Laperrière found out the hard way what happens when you injure the legendary Nicklas Lidstrom.

We’ll set the scene for you. It’s February 18, 2008 at Pepsi Center with the Detroit Red Wings in town. During the first period, Lidstrom was corralling the puck along the boards when he was slammed from behind by Ian Laperrière. Lidstrom emerged clearly woozy and had to be assisted off the ice by an official.

It wasn’t long before enforcer Aaron Downey introduced himself to Laperrière: not once, but twice. The festivities also included then head caoch Mike Babcock jawing at his future assistant in Detroit, Tony Granato:

In typical fashion, the Red Wings had the last laugh, winning this game by a 4-0 score, which would be the series difference in their playoff matchup a few months later.

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