Aaron Glenn is getting destroyed by Detroit Lions fans on Twitter

The Detroit Lions defense has been horrendous so far in 2022 and it seems like the honeymoon period is over for DC, Aaron Glenn.

Things are not going well for the Detroit Lions defense and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn‘s honeymoon period may have come to an end.

Entering the fourth quarter, the Lions had already given up a whopping 38 points and the fans at Ford Field (and on social media) are not too happy.

What are the fans tweeting about Aaron Glenn on Twitter?

The Detroit Lions defense, which is led by Aaron Glenn, has made Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith look like a future Hall of Famer (yes, he is starting on my fantasy team today) as he was 18-for-22 for 242 yards and two touchdowns to go along with another 40 yards rushing and a touchdown through three quarters.

As the Seahawks continued to rack up yards and points, fans of the Lions took to Twitter to bash Glenn.

Here is a sample of those tweets.

Dan Campbell says he was scared about losing Aaron Glenn

Back in February, after Aaron Glenn was scheduled to interview with the New Orleans Saints, Lions had coach Campbell spoke to the media and he admitted he was “nervous” about losing Glenn to another team.

“He’d be a great fit, and that’s why I’m nervous,” Campbell said. “He’d be a great fit, and, honestly, AG would be a great fit for just about anybody. That’s how much I think of him, and know where he’s going. So I know that’s real, that’s out there. They have a great feel of AG. AG has a great feel of that organization, the players, and all it entails. So if you’re asking me, it’s a fit. I hope it doesn’t go that way, but yeah.”

Nation, how do you feel about Aaron Glenn as a defensive coordinator?