Aaron Glenn sets expectations for Aidan Hutchinson in 2023

Aaron Glenn expects great things out of Aidan Hutchinson in Year 2.

Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has high expectations for Aidan Hutchinson in the upcoming 2023 season. After an impressive rookie year, the talented EDGE rusher is looking to elevate his performance to new heights. One crucial aspect of becoming a dominant player in the National Football League is comprehensive self-evaluation, which includes focusing on nutrition.

Aaron Glenn Detroit Lions Aidan Hutchinson

Key Points

  • Hutchinson's sophomore season with the Lions holds high expectations.
  • The young EDGE rusher aims to enhance strength, flexibility, and mental clarity.
  • Glenn anticipates Hutchinson becoming a dominant player.
  • Glenn highlights the importance of Hutchinson's focus and understanding of the defensive scheme.

Aaron Glenn sets expectations for Aidan Hutchinson in 2023

Expressing his confidence in Hutchinson's abilities, Glenn spoke highly of the young talent ahead of OTA practice. Glenn emphasized that he knows exactly what to expect from both himself as a coach and Hutchinson as a player. He intends to position Hutchinson for success, anticipating a significant leap in his performance. Glenn envisions Hutchinson as a dominant force on the edge, impacting both the run defense and the passing game. He firmly believes that Hutchinson will emerge as a better player in his sophomore season than he was in his rookie year.

“Really, really good player,” Glenn said. “Know exactly what to expect out of me as a coach and him as a player. Continue to put him in a position to be successful, and expect him to take another step as far as being a dominant player. Being on the edge, in the run, and in the passing game. There’s no doubt he’ll be a better player this second year than he was this year.”

When asked about Hutchinson's mindset for the upcoming season, Glenn stressed the importance of continued focus and deepening knowledge of the defensive scheme. He expressed full confidence in Hutchinson's ability to excel in these areas, expecting substantial growth in his game.

“Just continue to focus, continue to work,” Glenn continued. “Continue to study, and continue to understand the scheme. Once he does that, he’s great at those things. I have no issue with how he’s going to operate there. Again, I am expecting that player to have a jump.”

Bottom Line – A Promising Future

Hutchinson's upcoming sophomore season is eagerly anticipated, and expectations are high for his continued development as a dominant player in the NFL. With his renewed focus on nutrition, physical training, and mental clarity, coupled with the support of Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, Hutchinson is poised to make a significant impact. As the young EDGE rusher strives to reach new heights, the Detroit Lions and their fans can look forward to witnessing his growth and emergence as a cornerstone of their defense.