Aaron Glenn wants Aidan Hutchinson to focus on the good, not the bad

Aaron Glenn wants Aidan Hutchinson to focus on the good, not the bad.

Aaron Glenn wants Aidan Hutchinson to focus on the good, not the bad

Detroit Lions EDGE Aidan Hutchinson quickly owned up to a strategic decision that backfired during the Week 14 game against the Chicago Bears. Opting for a stunt on a critical third-down rush, Hutchinson inadvertently allowed Bears quarterback Justin Fields to escape and score. While speaking to the media on Wednesday, defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn showed unwavering support for Hutchinson, acknowledging his accountability while emphasizing his importance to the team.

Aaron Glenn seeking elite status Aaron Glenn wants Aidan Hutchinson to focus

What Did Aaron Glenn Say?

Glenn praised Hutchinson’s decision-making ability, recognizing the pressures and expectations that come with being a high draft pick and a pivotal player. He encourages Hutchinson to focus on his many successful plays rather than dwelling on mistakes, highlighting his belief in Hutchinson's long-term positive impact on the team.

“There are opportunities for our players to make calls within the call, because we believe in our players and they're smart players,” Glenn said. “One thing that happened in that game is, often they were sliding to Hutch. Hutch was out there to try and make a play on that play. It was third-and-11, man, he was trying to get to the quarterback, which he likes to do and all D-linemen like to do.”

“When you're the second pick in the draft, when you come in and have the success he's had, the thing that comes with that is expectations and criticism,” Glenn explained. “So, he doesn't care. You know how people say you have a job, it's your job to make him go here and make him go there. But, he's not, he's not gonna always be there, and I always talk to him about that. 

“As a former player, it's part of the job. But, listen, that player's made a lot of plays for us, and everyone's on him for the fact that he made those plays. Listen, it was a mistake, he owned up to it and man, we're moving on,” Glenn commented further. “I want him to understand that and operate like that, because those mistakes that he made, he made a ton of plays for us. I try to have him focus on those things, not those mistakes.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Accountability in Action: Aidan Hutchinson quickly assumed responsibility for a strategic decision during the Lions-Bears game that led to a Bears touchdown, demonstrating a commendable level of accountability and maturity for a second-year player.
  2. Supportive Leadership: Both head coach Dan Campbell and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn expressed strong support for Hutchinson's decision-making skills, despite the outcome.
  3. Emphasis on Long-Term Growth: The Lions' approach with Hutchinson focuses on long-term development and learning from mistakes.
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The Bottom Line – A Lesson in Grit and Gridiron Growth

Let's cut to the chase here: in the rough-and-tumble world of the NFL, what we're seeing with Aidan Hutchinson is a raw, real slice of what it takes to make it in this league. It's not all about the highlight reel plays or the thumping tackles; it's about how you bounce back when the chips are down. This kid, Hutchinson, he's showing us exactly what that looks like. He made a call, it didn't pan out, and instead of shying away, he stepped up and owned it. That's the kind of grit Detroit is all about.

Now, you've got Coach Campbell and Coordinator Glenn in Hutchinson’s corner. These guys aren’t just patting him on the back; they’re building a foundation. They're saying, “Hey, we believe in you, kid. Learn, grow, and come back stronger.” That's what we need. It's not about hammering down on a guy for one misstep. It's about seeing the bigger picture, the long game, and that’s what the Lions are playing here.