Aaron Rodgers blasts Green Bay Packers receivers following practice

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Aaron Rodgers

One of the biggest questions heading into the 2022 NFL season is who is going to step up with the Green Bay Packers and replace Davante Adams as the favorite target of Aaron Rodgers?

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Well, following Tuesday’s training camp practice, Rodgers spoke to reporters and he did not hold back his frustration when talking about some of the Packers’ young wide receivers.

“The young guys, especially young receivers, we’ve got to be way more consistent,” Rodgers said. “A lot of drops, a lot of bad route decisions, running the wrong route. We’ve got to get better in that area.”

Aaron Rodgers blasts Green Bay Packers receivers following practice

Aaron Rodgers could have just left it at that but he did not. Rodgers made it very clear that when the regular season begins, the players he trusts to be in the right spot at the right time are going to be the ones who play.

“It’s coming up,” Rodgers said of the regular season. “Yeah, it’s coming up. It really is. We’re going to play our best guys when the season starts. And whoever those guys are, those guys are going to get the reps. It’s the guys I trust the most and the guys the coaches trust the most. A lot of it is just the simple responsibility in the offense. Way before body positioning and movement and throw, and all that stuff, are you in the right spot at the right time? Are you running the right route?”

“You keep dropping the ball, you’re not going to be out there. It’s going to be the most reliable guys that are out there. The preparation and the job responsibility is most important. There’s going to be physical mistakes, like we’ve talked about, but if you’re going out there and dropping the ball and somebody else behind you is in the right spot all the time and catching the ball, that guy’s going to play.”

Nation, do you think Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are going to take a step back in 2022? Who do you think will lead the team in receptions?

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