Aaron Rodgers fires back at NFL MVP voter

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a prime candidate to be named NFL MVP for the second consecutive year. He’s led the Packers to a pristine 13-3 mark, earning the NFC North title while racking up 3,977 yards, 35 touchdowns and only four picks.

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However, one sports commentator who will not be casting his vote for Rodgers is none other than Hub Arkush, who stated that Rodgers’ off-field issues overshadowed his accomplishments.

“I don’t think you can be the biggest jerk in the league and punish your team, and your organization and your fan base the way he did and be the Most Valuable Player,” Arkush said on 670 The Score radio station. “Has he been the most valuable on the field? Yeah, you could make that argument, but I don’t think he is clearly that much more valuable than Jonathan Taylor or Cooper Kupp or maybe even Tom Brady. So from where I sit, the rest of it is why he’s not gonna be my choice.”

Rodgers himself has since fired back, saying that Arkush is nothing but a “bum”.

“I think he’s a bum. An absolute bum,” Rodgers said of Arkush. “His problem is I’m not vaccinated. Maybe just for this season make it the Most Vaccinated Player.”

For Arkush, he’s since apologized for his comments on Rodgers, saying that he’d made a mistake.

“I made a big mistake,” Arkush said on Chicago’s 670 The Score radio station on Wednesday. “As far as what happened last night, it’s on me. I screwed up.”

“The only thing they really ask us is to not tell people who we voted for until the award is presented. What they really mean is just don’t talk about it, and the reason, in part, is because of exactly what’s happened here,” he said, adding that he put the other voters in an “unfortunate” position. “I feel awful about it and I really wish it hadn’t happened.”

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