Adam Schefter gives update on Aaron Rodgers and Packers’ fans are not going to be happy

Will Aaron Rodgers be the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers in 2021?

Well, according to NFL insider Adam Schefter, it is not looking good at all if you are a Packers fan who wants Rodgers to stick around.

During the Chris Collinsworth Podcast Featuring Richard Sherman, Schefter said that is not a money issue.

“This isn’t a money issue. It’s much deeper than that. He doesn’t want to be there.”

6 thoughts on “Adam Schefter gives update on Aaron Rodgers and Packers’ fans are not going to be happy”

      • But teams can cut players whenever they want and get out of the contract. Yeah there’s two sides of this

        • Yes. They could cut him or any other player they felt necessary.
          It is NEVER written in an NFL Contract that the Organization CANNOT cut a player. NO PLAYER IS immune from transactions like that.
          That would be stupid if Management cut Rodgers. They would gain NO advantage in doing so, and even lose so much more than just letting him sit on the sideline pouting. If they cut him, he would quickly be picked up on waivers from another team and lose lots of money on dead Salary Cap to mention just a couple of things.

  1. It would be nice if Mr. Rodgers would tell the fans how he really feels but that’s probably not going to happen. If he doesn’t want to be here … I don’t want him to ever set foot inside Lambeau field for the rest of his life. Not in Packer colors anyway. As the ancient Chinese use to say … “I hope you have an interesting life.”

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