Adrian Peterson to Golden Tate: ‘Suck it up’

The beauty of division play in the NFL is that you get to face each team in your division twice each season.

Golden Tate thought the Minnesota Vikings‘ Week 2 game against the Detroit Lions involved some dirty play:

“There were a few plays out there that were clear violations of this game…There were a couple. Several. A bunch.” Tate said.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson isn’t buying it.

When asked about Tate’s assessment of the Vikings play, Peterson shared his thoughts.

“Suck it up. I don’t know, I really didn’t see any cheap shots or anything like that that were taken. I was celebrating the victory. When you lose, you always try to point out little things like that, so it is what it is.” Peterson said.

Tate may have been referencing the personal foul called against LB Anthony Barr for hitting Lions QB Matthew Stafford when he was out-of-bounds on the Detroit sideline.

It is unclear exactly what plays Tate was referring to, and he was not available for comment Wednesday.

The Lions host Minnesota on Sunday.