Aidan Hutchinson is ‘fired up’ about Detroit Lions’ schedule

The Detroit Lions‘ schedule has been released for the 2023 season, and in case you have not yet seen it, they have a whopping four primetime games. One person who is pretty darn excited about the Lions getting so many primetime games is Aidan Hutchinson, who is going into his second season in the NFL.

Aidan Hutchinson Detroit Lions schedule

Key Points

  • The Lions 2023 schedule has been released
  • The Lions have four primetime games in 2023
  • Hutchinson is fired up about the Lions getting to play in front of a national audience so many times

Aidan Hutchinson is ‘fired up' about Detroit Lions' schedule

Following the release of the schedule, Hutchinson explained to ESPN why he is fired up.

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“I feel like when the stakes are the highest, and the more cameras are on and the more people are watching, that’s what gets me fired up,” Hutchinson said.

Bottom Line: The world will be watching the Lions in 2023

After not having any primetime games originally scheduled in 2022, the Lions will play in front of a national television audience in primetime on four occasions in 2023. That does not include their Thanksgiving Day matchup at Ford Field against the Green Bay Packers. The Lions are going to get a ton of attention in 2023, and Hutchinson is certainly ready!

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