Aidan Hutchinson on the Detroit Lions Hype Train: ‘We still feel like the underdogs’

Aidan Hutchinson spoke to the beat writers on Sunday morning, and while doing so, he addressed the Detroit Lions 'Hype Train' that is flying down the tracks.

As the Detroit Lions gear up for the 2023 season, the excitement surrounding the team is palpable. Despite the hype train charging full steam ahead, second-year EDGE Aidan Hutchinson asserts that the team is striving to remain grounded.

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Aidan Hutchinson on the Detroit Lions Hype Train: ‘We still feel like the underdogs'

Hutchinson spoke to reporters at the Lions’ first training camp session, acknowledging the swell of expectation but emphasizing the team’s mentality of viewing themselves as the underdogs. This perspective comes even after a fantastic end to the 2022 season, with the Lions winning eight of their last ten games and now favored to claim the NFC North crown.

“We still feel like the underdogs,” Hutchinson told reporters.

Key Points

  • The Detroit Lions began their 2023 training camp amid considerable excitement.
  • Aidan Hutchinson acknowledges the hype but emphasizes the team's ‘underdog' mentality.
  • Despite being the betting favorites for the NFC North, the Lions are keeping their focus on the task at hand.

Big Picture: The Balancing Act Between Hype and Humility

The Detroit Lions are in a unique position. On one hand, the hype surrounding them is surging, fuelled by their promising end to last season and their status as favorites for the NFC North. On the other hand, they still cling to an underdog spirit. Hutchinson's comments reflect a team that's conscious of its potential but aware of the pitfalls of complacency. The hype serves to enhance their motivation, but the ‘underdog' status keeps them grounded, striking a balance between aspiration and humility.

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Bottom Line – The Underdog Roars Loudest

This Detroit Lions squad appears ready to harness the hype, transforming it into determination while staying firmly anchored in their underdog roots. As the new season approaches, one thing's certain: the Lions are no longer a team to be taken lightly. They are a force to reckon with, and the underdog might just have its day.


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