Aidan Hutchinson says Jets are ‘just another team in the way’

Detroit Lions EDGE Aidan Hutchinson does not care who the Jets are starting at quarterback.

On Sunday afternoon, Aidan Hutchinson and the Detroit Lions will take on the New York Jets in a game that is extremely important for both teams in terms of qualifying for the 2022 NFL Playoffs. As it stands, the Lions have a 25% chance of getting into the playoffs, while the Jets are currently sitting at a 34% chance. With a win, the Lions‘ playoff chances would jump to 41%, while a loss would drop them to 9% (Not including outcomes of other games). A Jets win would raise their playoff chances to 48%, while a loss would drop them to 21%.

Aidan Hutchinson Detroit Lions

What did Aidan Hutchinson say about the New York Jets?

On Friday, news broke that the New York Jets had decided to start Zach Wilson at quarterback because Mike White had not been cleared to play by team doctors.

When asked about game planning for Wilson instead of White, Hutchinson said Wilson does bring a different element to the Jets offense, but that the Linos gameplan really does not change.

“He brings a different element to that offense,” said Lions rookie EDGE Aidan Hutchinson. “So, definitely a little bit of a different mindset going in, going at a more mobile quarterback who — the read option game is now back open. It's just got to be really solid in what we do. The gameplan doesn't really change, though. They got some dangerous pieces. We are ready to do our best and execute our gameplan and do what we got to do.”

As far as playing the Jets this week, Aidan Hutchinson said they are “just another team in the way” for the Lions.

“Obviously, you got Bam (RB Zonovan Knight) in there now, who I kind of trained with in the offseason. They got a lot of good players. We're going to keep continuing on our path to our success. And, this is just another team in the way.”

“I think we got the hard hat this week on defense. We got to be the ones to really control this game,” Hutchinson said. “We know our offense will get those opportunities, because we got a high-powered offense. So, just need to keep playing complementary football, doing what we're doing.”

Nation, do you think the Lions will defeat the Jets on Sunday afternoon?


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