Aidan Hutchinson will not be stopped, is ‘hell-bent’ on not missing games for Detroit Lions

Leading up to the Detroit Lions Week 3 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings, rookie Aidan Hutchinson missed the entire week of practice and was listed as “questionable” for the game.

But when it came to game day, Hutchinson suited up, and he gave it his all against the Vikings.

Hutchinson added that the media cares about “sacks and stuff like that,” but there is much more to determining whether or not he played a good game.

Sacks are not the only focus

When talking about what he focuses on in a game, there is nothing more important to him than doing his assignment and getting the job done. Hutchinson is not worried about notching stats, just to notch them. He is focusing on developing and executing his fundamentals, as he should.

“So you could be winning rushes all game and the quarterback gets the ball out,” Hutchinson said. “But then you get those three-sack games where it’s like, it kinda just happens. And you might not be rushing the passer as good as you were for some other games. That’s why you got to stay even-keeled throughout it all because it’s a very long road.

“I know that’s what the media cares about is sacks and stuff like that. But, I mean, when I turn on the tape, I make sure I’m doing my assignment and obviously making the most of my own opportunities. Obviously, you’re not going to win every single rush of every single game. Just watching myself on film and as long as I’m doing my job and playing through my assignment and getting a good get-off, staying low. Just doing what I do. I can’t be mad at myself, even if you’re not getting some sacks in some games. You just got to live with it and got to know that we got a lot more football left.”

Aidan Hutchinson via MLIVE Benjamin Raven | [email protected]

Aidan Hutchinson will not let small injuries hold him back

On Thursday, Hutchinson spoke to reporters and explained that his thigh injury did not bother him too much and that he feels like he played a good game, adding that he is ‘hell-bent' on not missing games.

“I didn’t really feel it too much. I thought I stayed pretty healthy throughout the game,” Hutchinson said. “I thought I played good in that game. Sometimes the sacks don’t come, but I don’t think there’s any bounce back. We just keep on rolling. I thought I played good, but yeah. We’re going to be rolling this game, just like I do every week.

“I don’t think I’ve ever missed practice a whole week and then played in the game. That’s never really been my thing. Yeah, it was just, you know, just a little something that was holding me out. I’m pretty hell-bent on not missing any games. I care about making it to Sunday. But I also value practice.”

Aidan Hutchinson via MLIVE Benjamin Raven | [email protected]

Do Injuries prevent Hutchinson from making an impact for the Detroit Lions?

Racking up sacks is great, but it is even more important that Hutchinson is beating his man (or multiple men) and putting pressure on the quarterback. By doing this on a regular basis, Hutchinson can blow up multiple plays per game or force the opposing quarterback to force a throw, which could result in more turnovers.

While he has had to endure small injuries common to his position, we learned from week 3 they do not seem to be the reason Aidan has struggled to make the impact most would like to see from him. Instead, it is likely rookie mistakes and learning to play the game at an NFL level, and this is something that will come with time.

There is little question about it that Hutchinson has the drive and determination to be a difference maker in the NFL, and if he keeps on the track he is on, he will be a Pro Bowl-type player before too long.

Hutchinson is ‘hell-bent' on not missing football games, and that is a great sign for the Detroit Lions.

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