Aidan Hutchinson’s ‘Billie Jean’ performance is about to go viral [Video]

If you are a fan of the Detroit Lions, you are in for a treat as Aidan Hutchinson absolutely stole the show on HBO's Hard Knocks.

Just moments ago, the NFL released the video of Detroit Lions EDGE Aidan Hutchinson performing Michael Jackson's ‘Billie Jean' and it is just a matter of time before it goes viral.

Check it out!

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According to his teammates and coaches, Hutchinson's performance was on point.

“It was money,” offensive tackle Penei Sewell said. “Like, you had to be there.”

“Butter,” Sewell said. “He scratched up a little bit in the beginning, but I get it. Jitters. But then killed it. That man killed it.”

“It’s only my fourth year, but that was definitely the best rookie performance (I’ve seen),” defensive lineman John Cominsky said.

“It was really good,” said defensive tackle Michael Brockers. “A little MJ in there, so you know he set the tempo with the coaches. They were all into it, so seeing that, he definitely set his tone with the team. So he’s one of us.”

Lions head coach Dan Campbell was also impressed with Aidan Hutchinson's performance of ‘Billie Jean.'

“That man killed it!” Campbell told reporters.

“It just reminded me of just old school, getting your rookies up there and the way he accepted it, and the way he went up there and performed, and man, you just saw the team just,” Glenn said, pausing to make a circular, surrounding motion. “Around that player. He has this personality about himself now that you don’t see from most rookies, which is a good thing.”

“Once you do it, they’re off you,” he said. “I think a lot of guys told him that and he went and did a really good job. So now guys aren’t going to mess with him. He did his rookie duty.”

It sounds like Aidan Hutchinson is fitting in just fine with his Detroit Lions teammates and coaches.

Aidan Hutchinson provides ‘most entertaining’ rookie singing moment in Hard Knocks history

According to Adam Schefter, Hutchinson's performance will be aired tonight on HBO's season debut of ‘Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions.”

Schefter said that “producers claim it may be the most entertaining rookie singing moment in show history,” per a show official.

HBO's ‘Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions' premieres tonight. Click here for all of the information you need to watch tonight's big show!