Aidan Hutchinson’s Record-Breaking Performance Boosts Lions Defense “It’s Crazy”

    Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson had a standout performance in Sunday's win over the Bears, recording a half-sack and intercepting Justin Fields on the first half's final play. This brings Hutchinson's season total to 7.5 sacks, three interceptions, and two fumble recoveries, making him the first rookie and only the second player (Richard Dent being the other) in NFL history to achieve this stat line in a single season.

    “It’s crazy. I’ve never touched the ball this much. Balls on the ground, balls in the air, I feel like I got a chance. So, it’s fun. It’s crazy to hear that stat, but I’m just out here doing my thing.”

    Aidan Hutchinson on being the 1st rookie DL to have 3 INTs in a season

    Why It Matters: Hutchinson's impressive stat line is noteworthy, given that it was not expected from the second overall pick. His contribution to the Lions' defense has been invaluable, and his ability to make plays on both the ground and in the air makes him a valuable asset to the team.

    Aidan Hutchinson By the Numbers

    Aidan Hutchinson
    • 7.5 sacks
    • 3 interceptions
    • 2 fumble recoveries

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