AJ Hinch discusses Miguel Cabrera’s pursuit of baseball history

All that remains for Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera and MLB history is one swing of the bat.

The future Hall of Famer blasted his 499th career home run on Wednesday night in Baltimore, coming one step closer to the elusive mark. And you can bet that his teammates are excited for his inevitable accomplishment.

“We were pumped, for him and for us,” Tigers manager AJ Hinch said. “We need him in a good place. He was swinging the bat pretty well. We all know what's going on. We're not really talking about it as much as you probably think, but it's cool to experience it. Everybody's really excited.”

“He gave us a nice lead, and we continued to tack on runs. It's complicated focusing on 500 when we're trying to win the game. Miggy won't let guys stray too far away from the competition in the game, but it's nice for us and nice for him.”

Of course, being the veteran leader on the team, his presence alone makes it easier for some of the newer waves of Tigers players to take their place within the organization. Just ask Jonathan Schoop, whom the Tigers saw fit to reward with a two-year contract extension earlier this month.

“He keeps everything loose, especially in the clubhouse,” Schoop said. “Miggy takes some pressure away from the young guys and puts it on him. That's impressive about him. I've been here for two years now, and it's fun to play with him.”

Will Cabrera be in the lineup for today's game? Count on it.

“He wants to win tomorrow, and that’s what he let me know. It gives us the best chance to win tomorrow when he’s DHing,” said Hinch.

– – Quotes via the Detroit Free Press Link – –