AJ Hinch explains why closer Gregory Soto was told to change gloves by umpiring crew

The Detroit Tigers earned a hard-fought series victory over the Chicago White Sox this afternoon, winning a 6-5 final and improving to 29-22 in their past 51 games.

Things got a little too close for comfort in the 9th inning, however. Closer Gregory Soto was told to remove his glove and change with another one. But according to manager A.J. Hinch, Soto wasn’t in trouble with the crew.

“It’s a red glove, which is legal, but when they inspected it, it had parked up in some areas,” Hinch said. “It wasn’t sticky, there was no issue with it, but rather than have any concern, they decided to remove the glove. There was no wrongdoing other than the umpire crew decided they wanted as close to a brand new glove as they could get.”

Jose Cisnero got the final out of the game after Soto was replaced after giving up two hits and a three-run home run.

– – Quotes via Bally Sports Detroit Link – –