AJ Hinch gives unfortunate update on SP Tarik Skubal

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Tarik Skubal, Detroit Tigers

On Monday night, Tarik Skubal was removed early from the Detroit Tigers game against the Minnesota Twins and the speculation immediately began that he may have been traded.

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That speculation quickly died down when the Tigers announced that he was removed from the game due to arm fatigue.

Following the game, Tigers manager AJ Hinch spoke to reporters and explained that Skubal was “gassed” so he took him out.

“He came in and said he was gassed, that he felt fatigued,” Hinch said. “He said he felt like he couldn’t let it go. As soon as he said that we took him out.”

When Skubal talked to reporters after the game, he said he was optimistic that he would make his next start but he does not want to take any risks.

“I thought my stuff was good,” he said. “I thought I was throwing the ball well. But something didn’t feel right. My arm felt fatigued. That’s kind of why I came out when I did.”

AJ Hinch gives unfortunate update on SP Tarik Skubal

Prior to Tuesday’s game, Hinch said he is not as optimistic as Tarik Skubal is about him making his next start.

“He’s doing OK,” Hinch said. “He’s going to get tests and see some docs. I know he’s optimistic and he wants to make his next start. I am not so certain, just because of the alarms that go off this year when a pitcher isn’t feeling right.

“We are going to be very careful with this and see where it takes us.”

Nation, at this point, do you think the Detroit Tigers should just shut down Tarik Skubal for the remainder of the season?

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