AJ Hinch provides update on Akil Baddoo and Derek Hill

The Detroit Tigers enjoyed a 9-4 triumph over the lowly Baltimore Orioles last night, but what Tigers fans will be wondering is the health status of Akil Baddoo and Derek Hill.

The two ran into one another at full speed trying to catch a fly ball in a scary-looking collision, after which both players were eventually slowly able to walk off the field under their own power.

Following the game, manager AJ Hinch described the play and gave an update as to the health of the two players.

“Both guys were pretty beat up and in a lot of pain, so it was a very scary incident,” Hinch said. “It was nasty collision. You don’t see it a lot at this level, but when you see them, they’re nasty. And those were two big, physical athletes.”

“Akil is gettin checked out for a concussion and shoulder….I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t need at least a few days, if not an IL stint,” Hinch explained. “Derek is getting checked out for his ribs, Akil’s head went right into his ribcage.”

Should one or both players go to the IL, the Tigers may have to look beyond Daz Cameron as a replacement, as he’s already on the list. However, Hinch is remaining optimistic.

“Hopefully it’s minimal at best,” he said. “I just talked to Akil in the clubhouse and he’s alert and doing okay, just a little beat up.”

“We just got done with the game and obviously there’s a lot of things going on,” Hinch continued. “We’ll have a full team (on Wednesday). I have no worries about that.”

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Written by Michael Whitaker

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Outfielders Akil Baddoo and Derek Hill involved in fearsome collision [Video]

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