AJ Hinch says he will ease Detroit Tigers DH Miguel Cabrera into first base

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Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera will be turning 38 years of age later this year, and you can bet the team is keeping close tabs on his health.

According to skipper A.J. Hinch, the plan will be to limit his defensive workload.

“We’re monitoring him and watching him,” Hinch said. “He’s got a program to get him ready. We’ve got a plan that we’re going to lay out for him. I’m going to have a calendar for him.”

He’s set to appear at first base during a handful of Grapefruit League games. Near the end of last season, he voiced a desire to play the position more in the 2021 season.

“I didn’t know he voiced it near as much as I learned after I even said it,” Hinch said. “I mean, my plan for him is to make an opportunity for him to be a little more of a complete player and not just fall in the DH category. Part of that is for Miguel and kind of making him have that kid spirit in playing on both sides of the ball, but part of it is also for the rest of the team.

“If he can play first base, whatever that timeline is — one or two times a week, or depending on the game times and where we’re at with the weather and his health — that frees me up to be able to maybe DH [Wilson] Ramos or [Jonathan] Schoop or [Nomar] Mazara or [Robbie] Grossman, and opening up playing time for a lot of different guys on our team.”

– – Quotes via Jason Beck of MLB.com Link – –