AJ Hinch weighs in on Detroit Tigers fans booing Astros SS Carlos Correa

For those of you who either attended or watched Thursday's game between the Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros, you likely noticed that Tigers fans in attendance welcomed Astros SS Carlos Correa with a sea of boos each time he stepped to the plate.

Correa, of course, was part of the Astros sign-stealing team and fans around the league have not forgotten about it quite yet.

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Prior to Friday's game, which ended up being postponed due to rain, Tigers manager AJ Hinch, who was Correa's manager on that Astros team, spoke about him being booed at Comerica Park.

“Yeah, it's uncomfortable,” Hinch said Friday. “I understand the league in general, not just Tigers fans, has an opinion and had a year away from the sport. But I also was in the same dugout with those guys not too long ago.”

“I know the people that they are,” Hinch said. “I know the work that they put in. I don't want to compliment them too much when we're playing them, but I've been in the trenches with them. So yeah, it's uncomfortable.”

Nation, would you boo Correa if you were at the game?

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  1. No, I would not boot Korea. I would definitely boo Mike Fiers anytime he stepped out on the mound, though, as he was the instigator for the whole thing. So one person says something about his former team who Mike himself had the worst year of his career in 2017, was not even on the playoff roster, and yet the Astros still gave him that $11,200 World series ring because he was on the team that year. If this is his way of saying thanks to that team, then he is still the same snitch that he was before. Snitches in MLB usually have a very short career after they are revealed. Mike fires hasn’t seen any action since May 6th of this 2021 season, and I would doubt his career will last much longer. If it were up to me, I would tell the owner of the Astros to demand that World series ring back from Mike Fiers, or make him pay for it out of his own pocket because of what he did. Going off of what one person says, and believing him, and then having all these so-called investigations, and who knows if they were forced under duress to say what they said, that being those Astros players, who is to believe such a thing has happened, and now because of the Astros being allegedly caught, (when it is mere hearsay from one player, and no actual video proof of any devices being anywhere or photographic proof for that matter, or any evidence of drilled holes in certain parts of the stadium where they supposedly had the alleged cameras, who’s just to say it wasn’t a farce in the first place and they just wanted to find an excuse to go after the Astros? Yet, in other cases with other teams, actual factual proof has been told and shown that other teams did cheat. This is why I say the Astros don’t deserve to be the scapegoat and the face of a scandal because you’re more Major Market teams have been proven to have done such, yet MLB does absolutely nothing. Some former players have come out on Nationwide Sports talk shows admitting it, and even the New York Post said that they have proof that the Yankees have cheated before and yet MLB doesn’t want to investigate the Yankees because they are MLB’s darling. In my personal opinion, for what is worth is that MLB was angry as hell that the Astros won the World series in the first place, let alone got there in 2017. Let’s face it MLB only wants Major Market teams winning world series. In other words if you’re not a new york, philadelphia, cincinnati, chicago, miami, pittsburgh, Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Oakland, MLB only wants revenue from your city and doesn’t want you to get trophies because it’s bad for their business.Yet during this present time while you have the Spider Tack issue going on, and MLB cracking down on batters and pitchers now, who is the only team that is really doing very well right now? It is the Houston astros. They have had to keep themselves clean and “honest”, and look at how they’re doing now. Face it, the Astros are doing well now, and as good as the Astros have been doing since the scandal, it would not surprise me at all if they won the World series again this year. To change the subject from baseball for a moment, looking at the NBA conference finals, no Major Market team is in there right now. How mad do you think the NBA offices are right now because of this? Only one of the four teams in the conference finals has actually been to an NBA finals, and that was 28 years ago. It’s going to be a great NBA finals without a major Market team in there. Go Cinderella!

  2. The true instigators were Alex Cora & Carlis Beltran, they dreamed up cheating schemes & took it to the players

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