Akil Baddoo blasts grand slam, says Detroit Tigers ‘Never give up’

Akil Baddoo blasted a grand slam for the Detroit Tigers on Sunday, but after losing the lead late, they had to make another comeback.

In a thrilling game on Sunday, the Detroit Tigers faced a daunting challenge as the Chicago White Sox staged a massive rally in the seventh inning. Despite the odds stacked against them, the Tigers displayed unwavering determination and a refusal to concede defeat. Akil Baddoo, one of the team's rising stars, emphasized their unwavering spirit, stating, “We never give up.” Even with their backs against the wall in the bottom of the eighth, the Tigers remained confident in their ability to turn the tide. Relying on each other and fostering trust, they orchestrated an incredible comeback.

Akil Baddoo Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  • The Detroit Tigers refused to surrender, mounting a remarkable comeback against the Chicago White Sox.
  • Akil Baddoo's grand slam off Dylan Cease became the turning point in the game.
  • The Tigers' victory brings them within reach of a .500 win record and positions them as contenders in the Central Division.

Akil Baddoo blasts second grand slam of career

Despite Dylan Cease‘s well-executed pitch, Baddoo demonstrated patience and precision in the bottom of the third inning. As the fastball came in high at 97 mph, Baddoo capitalized on the opportunity, propelling the ball deep into the right-field stands for his second career grand slam. Reflecting on the moment, Baddoo acknowledged the challenge he faced but remained composed.

“It was actually a well-executed pitch,” Baddoo said. “I just put a good swing on it. I was expecting something up in the zone.”

It's not over until it's over

The Tigers' resurgence began when Riley Greene hit a triple and eventually scored the tying run in the bottom of the ninth inning. Then, in the tenth inning, Eric Haase‘s sacrifice fly ball to center field brought Spencer Torkelson home, securing the Tigers' 6-5 victory over the White Sox. Baddoo's grand slam, combined with Eduardo Rodriguez‘s strong six innings on the mound, positioned the Tigers to win the series outright.

“We never give up,” Akil Baddoo said. “We're down in the bottom of the eighth and we're looking at each other like, ‘Yo, we can come back.' We rely on each other and we trust each other.”

What's next for the Detroit Tigers?

After taking 3 of 4 against the White Sox, the Tigers are now one game below .500 on the season and just one game behind the Minnesota Twins in the American League Central. Up next for the Tigers will be a 3-game set at Comerica Park against a very good Texas Rangers team.