AL East: Can JD Martinez do it again?

American League East

We start our look at the entire MLB with the AL East.  It’s historically a strong division, but how does it rank this year?

1. New York Yankees

If Yankee starters, CC, Tanaka and Luis Severino, stay healthy, along with newly acquired James Paxton, the Yankees will take a very competitive division, but it’ll be close. Uber star OF Aaron Judge entering his third-year full year along with Giancarlo Stanton and a healthy Gary Sanchez behind the plate the Bronx Bombers will again challenge the total team home run record.

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2. Boston Red Sox

Off their 2018 title, Boston more or less stayed put. With the Triple B-Boys in the outfield and shortstop, Betts, Benintendi, and Bogaerts and the game’s best hitter, JD Martinez, the Sox will have no issues scoring runs. With Kimbrel not being re-signed the back end of the bullpen will struggle with establishing an identity while Sale, Price, and Porcello solidify the starting staff.

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3. Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa, headed by AL CY young winner Blake Snell and potential all-star Tommy Pham, will play good ball but eventually, come up short fighting for a wild-card spot.

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4. Toronto Blue Jays

Next, in line are the Toronto Blue Jays. Too many questions surround their pitching. Is Stroman ready to take the next step up? Will Aaron Sanchez show he’s an all-star again? When will Vlad Jr join the show and will he be healthy and productive? Too many questions.

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5. Baltimore Orioles

And then there are the lonely Baltimore Orioles. Manny Machado moved 3000 miles for $300 million, and nobody knows what’s going on with 1B Chris Davis and his hefty remaining contract. They won’t lose like 2018, but they’re still far, far away from contending.

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