Alfredsson Suffers a Setback

Daniel Alfredsson has suffered a setback and is most likely going to head to Red Wing’s training camp without a contract.  It isn’t anything major but it is still a cause for concern for the 41-year old. He wants to be able to contribute on a regular basis for the team and he doesn’t want to be sidelined for half the year with injuries.

As of right now, Alfie has been advised to stop skating and the Red Wings brass will see how he feels over the next week going into training camp.

I hope he’s got one more healthy year of hockey in him because he is a joy to watch on the ice and a great leader to our young guys.


– Derek Carnevale

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  1. @jason Keller this is Facebook what does that have to do with anything?
    People like you that are straight Homers drink the kool-aid and says I’m a Wings fan no matter what! YOURE the type of fans i personally can’t stand and the Illitch family loves! Zero expectations so they can keep putting a mediocre old team out their save money and continue to get bounced in the playoffs

  2. It should be noted I don’t care about Quinceys 400 games of experience. It hasn’t made him any better at not turning the puck over or getting caught chasing behind the net.

  3. Need to let Alfie go. Get DK signed. No excuse for quinceys contract and the stalls with DKs. That was something Kenny should have planned better for. Get a cap friendly bridge deal and then give him Kronwall money.

  4. @jason Keller that’s fine he can take a pay cut somewhere else.
    I’m sick and tired of the Redwings being the Retirement home of the NHL.
    Get Younger or bring in a coach that younger players want to play for…..

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