ALL-NBA teams announced, Jalen Rose voted for WHO?

They need to take away Jalen Rose’s vote for this.

ALL-NBA teams announced, Jalen Rose voted for WHO?
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Matthew Bassin: Along with the games these last few days, the all NBA first, second, and third teams were announced, Ryan. And the first team was Devin Booker, Luka Doncic, Giannis, Jayson Tatum, and Nikola Jokic the MVP. Do you have any gripes with anyone on the first team NBA this year? 

Ryan Griffin: Nope. Booker, I guess that I’d throw  Steph in there ahead of Booker, but I feel like they had to put somebody from the Suns on there because the team in the regular season was just a buzz saw. And for Embiid, the only other gripe you’d have is, if you don’t think the position should matter and you just think it should be like the five best players that year. 

Which I don’t necessarily have a problem with, but if you’re going to vote like that then, Embiid should have been the first name. Because he was second MVP. And then he gets second team all NBA.

Matthew Bassin: No, I know it’s crazy. That’s the big gripe obviously is that you’re doing it by position. So you have two guards, two forwards and a center. And in a modern NBA world. Now we talk so much about positionless basketball. It’s kinda weird that they are still hearing the old rules with the way they do their first, second, and third team.

I think you should just take the 15 best players and put them on your first, second, and third team in whatever order you see them as one through 15. If you are putting Embiid on the first team like he deserves to be, are you taking Booker off or are you taking Luka off? 

Ryan Griffin: I think I would have taken Booker off. I think I would have taken Booker off, like as much as the team success, factored into it. I just think all five individuals who would have been on first team, if you replaced Embiid with Booker. He’s had better seasons than Devin Booker did. 

Matthew Bassin: Okay. And I’m going off of memory here. Second team was Steph, Durant, DeRozan, and Embiid. Who am I missing? Who else was on second team staff? Steph, DeMar, DeRozan, Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid. Who was the other guard? Along with Steph? It was Ja? Thank you. Yeah. Ja Morant. Any gripes with the second team?

Ryan Griffin: No. Now that I’m looking at the third team here as well, and No, not really. I think Durant probably would have been first-team if he played more games, but he didn’t. So that’s where you get slotted and then again, I probably wouldn’t have just switched Steph and  Booker. 

But I think they got the second team, for the most part, I think this is probably even all three teams. Honestly. I think they did a pretty good job of voting, like a better job than I think giving them credit for before. 

Matthew Bassin: All right. Who else? Who made the third team? We know LeBron, Trae Young, was 13 guard. 

Ryan Griffin: Yep. Yeah. LeBron, Trae Young, Chris Paul, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Pascal Siakam

Matthew Bassin: Good for that man. Making it all NBA team is good. It’s big. No that’s big. Also, if the first team and the second team played a best of three series who you got ?

Ryan Griffin: look Steph, KD, Joel, DeMarco versus, 

Matthew Bassin: That’s a pretty formative team.

Ryan Griffin: Giannis, Jokić, Luka, Tatum, oh man.  

Matthew Bassin: Right? 

Ryan Griffin: Yeah. That’s tough. I don’t know. I think the first team, I think the second team there is, and I don’t think there’s, I think there’s a little bit more shooting on the first team. Which is why I think I’d give them the edge, and the second team it’s not really impressive at all defensively. 

Like I said, Steph’s been pretty good defensively this year, but then you have to DeRozan under and Morant. And I know you have Embiid, but Embiid’s going to be out on the perimeter trying to guard Nikola Jokić.

So I don’t know how much help he’s going to be. He’s not going to be down patrolling the bank. So I think I do give the edge to the first team. I’d like a little bit more shooting on the second team cause you have Steph and KD. And, Embiid can knock it down.

And I think DaMarcus and Ja still have some work to do as far as their jump shot goes. So I’ll go with the first team and you got Giannis. I think it was just the best player in the NBA. 

Matthew Bassin: I remember when the second team dropped, I was like, wow, that’s a pretty good team. I want to see I don’t know how this would go against the first team. Because yeah, the first team definitely has better defense, but the second team he got outside shooting with Steph. 

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You got outside shooting and inside shooting with Kevin Durant. You’ve got mid-range with the Demar DeRozan and you’ve got driving to the paint with Ja all day. And then you got Joel Embiid who can do it from the inside and the outside. I was like, yeah, that’s a pretty good team. 

Ryan Griffin: All right. I know, but we just saw Tatum give KD the business in that playoff series, especially defensively. So I don’t know that KD’s, getting all of his moves off with Giannis and Tatum up in his grill the whole time.

Matthew Bassin: Yeah. No, very true. All right. And and our man Jalen Rose. Yeah. In the midst of all these NBA, first, second, and 13 find themselves in the scuffle because this man threw a vote out to Kyrie Irving for an all NBA position. Look, man is a heck of a basketball player, but when you miss over half the year, can you really even be considered for all NBA? No. 

Ryan Griffin: No. And he missed like way more than half the year too. He played 29 games. Jalen Rose, apologized for it, although I don’t know if it’s necessarily something you need to apologize for. So, it’s probably better to just say he admitted his mistake on TV, but still good for Steven A. Because Steven A was incredulous in jail and tried to skate by it.

No, I made a mistake and Steven A. was like, no, I understand that, but we still need to get to the bottom of this, which I appreciated because voting for Kyrie for an all NBA team is insanity. He wasn’t there. He barely played. What are you talking about?

I think Desmond Bane got a vote too, which if you’re talking about the top 15 players in the NBA, I dunno how you’re giving Desmond Bane a vote. Fine season, great player, but what? There was a lot of voting craziness if you will. Because I did deep dive into the different ballots just because I want them to see who got votes and yeah, there were guys getting like all defensive votes like, that doesn’t make any sense.

Guys are getting left off rookie teams. Like Herb Jones wasn’t on a lot of the ballots. In favor of guys, like Trey Murphy and Jose Alvarado who plays for the same team. I was like, that’s just not, that’s just not true. So some of the votes were indefensible. But it’s always fun to look at because there are so many guys that vote for them.

I think it’s a hundred votes. At least for the all NBA, because Giannis has got a hundred first-team votes and his total score was 500 points. So I think that’s how that works. Yeah. So it’s always fun to look at and see who’s getting boastful. Last year Derrick Rose got an MVP vote, so it was always fun to do a deep dive.

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