Alleged text sent by Andrew Luck’s wife has NFL world in a tizzy

Many (including myself) thought the Indianapolis Colts would end up making the Detroit Lions a deal they could not refuse for Matthew Stafford but as we now know, that did not happen.

The Colts have a solid team and if they just had a solid quarterback, they could make some serious noise in the AFC in 2021.

With Stafford off the table, the Colts are now scrambling to land a new starting quarterback for the 2021 season.

But could that starting QB actually be one of their former players?

Could Andrew Luck come out of retirement to lead the Colts?

Well, according to a since-deleted tweet by Jeff Ricard (@RickardonSports), who works for ESPN Radio, his wife has a mutual friend with Luck’s wife’s friend and Nicole had the following text exchange.

Now, before we go to far with this (probably already have) please keep in mind that Irsay went on record last week talking about Luck and a comeback.

“It stands where it stands. Andrew’s retired. He knows we would love to have him back, but only he could ever answer that question,” Irsay said last Wednesday during his State of the Colts address.

“He knows we would love to have him back,’’ Irsay told reporters. “But only he can answer that question deep in his heart and his soul: ‘Hey, do I really want to come back and be a quarterback for the Colts again in the NFL?’ It’s easy for us. He knows how much we’d love to have him be our quarterback.

“I don’t really know if we’ll see that. I think he’s happy. He’s raising his daughter. He has a wonderful family. He’s a great Colt. He knows that he can come back anytime he wants, but at the same time we respect he’s made that decision.’’

Do you think Luck could return to the NFL?

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2 thoughts on “Alleged text sent by Andrew Luck’s wife has NFL world in a tizzy”

  1. This is such a lie and I’ll point out how I know. Andrew and his wife are smart and Stanford educated. She would know to use “than” instead of “then” in her second to last text. Also “Jimmy with the colts” is just idiotic

  2. I’m pretty sure that someone somewhere with a degree from Stanford has made a typo in a text. Furthermore, unless you have first hand knowledge that Mrs. Luck would never refer to Jim Irsay as “Jimmy with the Colts” I don’t see the logic you are using to call that “idiotic”. I myself think it’s strange that she would use Andrew and not Drew, A, D, Shmoopy, Stanford Super Stud, or whatever but I don’t know them so it’s only a thought. Anyhow having said all that, I agree this most likely is fake, but your reasons don’t help your case at all. If you post at the top of the comments section with goofy logic like this be prepared for the trolls to attack. Go Colts!

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