Amon-Ra St. Brown REALLY did not want to get drafted by Detroit Lions

Amon-Ra St. Brown did not want to get drafted by the Lions but now he is happy

Amon-Ra St. Brown recently opened up about his initial reaction to being drafted by the Detroit Lions during his appearance on The Pivot Podcast. The talented wide receiver revealed his reluctance and dismay upon seeing the 313 area code flash on his phone, providing an unfiltered glimpse into his thoughts during that pivotal moment.

“It’s amazing. I mean, I’ll say it again. I remember getting drafted, seeing the 313, I said ‘(expletive).’ The one team I told my brother I do not want to go to is Detroit,” St. Brown said. “I wanted to go to the Packers and play with him (Equanimeous St. Brown) and Aaron (Rodgers), go with the Chiefs and play with Mahomes, Cowboys, any big team with a good quarterback. I saw the 313, I said ‘it’s over with.’ I don’t know what I’m gonna do. It’s gonna be in the middle of nowhere. The team isn’t good. I probably know two players on the roster. It was terrible. And me going fourth round, it was all bad. I mean, looking back and I was hot, like, when I got drafted, I wasn’t excited. I was mad at the situation.”

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Why It Matters

St. Brown’s candid confession sheds light on the often-unspoken thoughts and emotions of players entering the NFL. His initial reaction underscores the importance of perception and expectations in shaping a player’s outlook on their career. It also highlights the significant turnaround in his feelings and experiences with the Lions.

The Power of Perception

Perception can heavily influence a player’s mindset. For St. Brown, the idea of playing for a team with a struggling reputation and limited star power was initially disheartening. His preference for teams like the Packers, Chiefs, and Cowboys, with their high-profile quarterbacks and winning histories, is a common sentiment among young athletes.

Amon-Ra St. Brown Overcomes Initial Doubts

Despite his initial reluctance, St. Brown’s journey with the Lions has been transformative. His quote reflects a complete turnaround, emphasizing the importance of momentum and chemistry over mere roster strength.

“At that point, I knew we got something special. We can do it. I feel like momentum is huge in the league; sometimes you don’t have the best roster, you don’t have the best guys, but if you can kind of cultivate a chemistry and a belief that you can win, you can win any game you want, and that’s kind of what we had going there that season.”

Embracing the Challenge

St. Brown’s shift from frustration to enthusiasm demonstrates his growth and adaptability. It’s a testament to his ability to find motivation and purpose even in less-than-ideal circumstances. His journey underscores the value of resilience and the potential for unexpected opportunities.

The Big Picture

St. Brown’s initial reluctance and subsequent success with the Detroit Lions reflect broader themes in sports and life. Often, the most rewarding experiences come from situations we least expect. His story is a powerful reminder that initial perceptions can change, and what starts as a challenge can turn into a fulfilling journey.

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