Amon-Ra St. Brown says arrival in Detroit is just the beginning

The Detroit Lions decided to go with offense with the 112th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, bringing aboard USC wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown

He comes to Detroit highly experienced, having caught 178 catches for 2,270 yards with 16 TDs and 12.8 yards per catch during his time at USC. And you can bet that his dedication to his craft started at an early age.

St. Brown’s father was a competitive bodybuilder, having won the Mr. Universe competition twice as well as earning Mr. World honors three times.

“I was about 6,” St. Brown said. “We started lifting PVC pipes. Not any weight, really. Just to get the form down, and then once we got the form down I started adding like 10 pounds and went on from there.”

And it’s not just his father he gained a competitive spirit from. His two older brothers also happen to play football Osiris is currently at Stanford, and Equanimious plays for Detroit’s rival in Green Bay.

“When you’re so close in age, and we’re all a year and a half apart, … we’re all doing everything together,” St. Brown said. “We’re lifting weights together, we’re training together, we’re out in the field running together, we’re playing basketball together. It was really competitive in our household, and I think it just brought the best out of me growing up. I always was the youngest. The youngest brother always has to try to push harder in everything that they do. It just made me super competitive.”

St. Brown further went into detail of his father’s idea to give his sons all unique names, with his own being the name of the Egyptian sun god.

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“He didn’t want us to be like a Joe or a John like he was,” Amon-Ra said. “He thought his name was very simple that he had growing up. He wanted us to have different names. He wants us standing out. So my name, Amon-Ra, is the Egyptian sun god. It’s an Egyptian name. And then my other two brothers, Osiris is the god of the underworld, Egyptian god of the underworld, and Equanimious comes from the word equanimity.”

“So all three of us, he was thinking of ways to make us different and names were something he was very in to. He thought there was power in names, so Amon-Ra was one of the names that he really loved.”

Fans will be happy and encouraged to hear that his arrival in Detroit is just the starting point – there’s far more to accomplish, and he can’t wait to get started.

“It just made me realize (that) I’ve got to go harder,” he said. “I’m glad that the Detroit Lions drafted me, but this is just the starting point for me. It’s the beginning of a chapter for me and I’m going to go ahead and work hard and give it everything I’ve got.”

– – Quotes via Dave Birkett of The Detroit Free Press Link – –

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