Amon-Ra St. Brown: The best teams ‘peak towards the end’

During his rookie season, Amon-Ra St. Brown did not get off the greatest of starts, but he and his Detroit Lions teammates finished strong.

Because of that strong finish, along with the addition of some key players, many were picking the Lions as a team to watch out for in 2022.

What did Amon-Ra St. Brown say about the league looking different in 2022

If you have been paying attention to the league as a whole, there have already been quite a few surprises, including the New York Jets and New York Giants both looking like potential playoff teams.

Amon-Ra St. Brown

On Monday, Amon-Ra St. Brown spoke to the media about the 2022 season looking much different than it did in 2021, and he pointed out that the best teams in the league generally finish strong.

“This league looks a lot different this year,” St. Brown said Monday. “But the thing that I always think about, it’s a long season. We’re only what, six weeks in for us, only five games played, so you look at the teams like you said, the Packers, some teams that might not be in the position that they want to be now, there’s a lot of football left and the best teams usually in this league they peak towards the end. Yeah, all I have to say to that, it’s a long season.”

Via Dave Birkett – Detroit Free Press

Will Amon-Ra St. Brown and the Detroit Lions finish strong?

Only time will tell if the Detroit Lions will finish strong in 2022 but, one thing is for sure, they sure as heck are not off to a very good start as they are sitting at 1-4 with matchups against the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and Green Bay Packers starting them in the face.

St. Brown was one of many Lions’ players looking to get healthy during the bye week, and he said he does feel better than he did when the Lions lost to the New England Patriots in Week 5.

Nation, how do you think the Detroit Lions will fare for the remainder of the season?

Written by W.G. Brady

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