Analyst suggests Detroit Lions give keys to Urban Meyer

For over 60 years, the Detroit Lions have been a failure.

It seems like no matter who Lions' ownership brings in to run the show, they end up failing…usually in a big way.

Things have been no different since the Lions hired general manager Bob Quinn to right the ship. With wins and losses being the bottom line in the NFL, Quinn has actually managed to make the Lions worse since he took over in 2016.

Following the 2017 season, Quinn made the decision to move on from Jim Caldwell stating that going 9-7 was not good enough.

So, Quinn went out and hired his buddy, Matt Patricia to be the Lions next head coach and in his first two seasons, he has led the team to a 9-18-1 record.

Because of the Lions struggles, there has been plenty of speculation about whether or not Quinn and/or Patricia should be fired.

If the Lions do decide to move on from Quintricia, who should the Ford family hire?

Well, Gary Danielson, an analyst for CBS Sports, joined The Jamie and Stoney Show on Thursday and when asked if he thought former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer would ever coach again, Danielson's response caught my attention.

Danielson told Mike Stone and Jamie Samuelsen that he thinks Meyer would be a good fit for a team like the Detroit Lions. In fact, Danielson thinks giving Meyer the keys to the car and allowing him to run the show could work out for the Lions.

Nation, would you like to see Urban Meyer with the Detroit Lions?